Vacation (GogGos) and I REALLY needed this one.  Hope everyone is doing well.

Things are moving fast and furious.  So we are going to start consolidating multiple references into one post.  Let us know what you think.

Budget Woes

It appears as though California continues to slide rapidly toward oblivion

Tough Sales

Pair this with a recent article stating almost exactly the same thing WRT the Napa Valley and you have a Fall 2009 appearing as though there will be a multitude of bankruptcies in the vineyard business.

Green Shoot!?@@?#?

Why does California continue to crush the hopes and dreams of the “talking heads” at CNBC.  Hopefully, they will realize the error of their ways and do some honest reporting.

Dreams Crashing

Would anyone believe that the Napa County Assessor insists that the High End market in the north end of the Napa Valley has moved laterally (ie-no change higher or lower) in the past year????  Can you feel the wave of appeals that are going to be submitted once reality and fantasy collide???  We are certain a similar trend is occurring in Sonoma County and does not bode well for the amount of money the state is going to be “removing” from our local cities and towns.