Point Of Know Return (Kansas).  You know it’s time you see the sign.

Well, the school year is beginning and we should return to our feeble attempts to consolidate economic data and provide some insight into the future of the Wine Industry in the Wine Country.  Sorry we “slacked off” for most of August.  Hey, the stock market was up.  We should all be happy right?


We have arrived at THE stock market inflection point where the market will continue to trend higher and the last two years will seem like a horrible nightmare OR we will slowly crumble under the weight of an ever-increasing morass of depressing information tidal waves.  We still hold to the time line of Thanksgiving 2009 as our time frame for the “sum of all knowledge” to reveal the future of the Wine Country.  For now, here is the latest insights:

Foreclosures Impacting More-Affluent Areas

Record Number Of Foreclosures For Sale

Summary Of Distressed Sales And Financing

It appears as though the pain in the real estate market continues to accelerate toward the Wine Country.

Major Winery For Sale

We find it very interesting to see this.  For the first time, a large enterprise has moved out of the “secret sales society”, where all transactions occur without public record, and into the light of potential discounting.  It will be interesting to see the bids and whether they are so low so as to cause the seller to “pull” the property from the marketplace.