Movin’ On Up (50 Cent).  No way we are touching the Jefferson’s theme!!

We think it is important to note when data is improved in order to provide a more honest assessment of current conditions as well as a projection into the future.


Why would Sacramento real estate trends be of interest to us in the Wine Country?  To quote: “This is just a reminder – with 70% distressed sales, there will be few move-up buyers for the higher priced areas.”

Guess what location represents one of the “higher priced areas”?

Hopefully we will see reporting like this throughout the State of California.


Double the pain (Heaven & Hell).  Thrash!!

Just for fun, we thought we would post a couple of discussions WRT California’s ongoing budget crisis.  Not directly related to the Wine Industry except for the fact it will dramatically reduce the volume of people visiting the area from the surrounding areas.

IOUs, we love them

Talk about selfish.  Take a look at how the IOUs are being distributed.  Guess the legislature is getting there’s no matter what!!

I’m getting paid!

The comments on this discussion are fantastic.  We love how the people of California will deny a train wreck until they are run over.

Headstrong (Trapt).  Step up!!

One of the great things, and the worst things about living in California is we are constantly on the “leading edge” of every trend.  Unfortunately, given the current state of our economy, California will also lead us into the next trend (bubble) represented by the failure of state government as the two parties fight over an “acceptable solution” that can only be achieved by drastic cuts.

The Next Bubble

I cannot even imagine the downward trajectory in wine sales if we start having difficulty providing basic services across the USA.

Happy 4th!!

In a follow-up to the default discussion for California debt, here is a discussion of the impending lack of cash.  Can we live without policemen, firefighters and teachers??

Brother Can You Spare A Dime?

No, I did not have a “brain freeze” and misprint the title.  We have done some due diligence on the impending “cuts’ by the State of California (thank you, SU!) and they are larger and deeper than even the Governator will admit in any public appearance.

Wait until the municipal bonds default and retirees are in desperate trouble, you think people are not buying wine now.

Default Option??

At some point, all of the various “broken” components of the economy are going to coalesce into an admission that there are serious problems that cannot be fixed by stock market manipulation and printing money.  Until then, any estimation of projected wine sales in the next few years is a joke and we will constantly underperform which leads directly to further collapse in the Wine Industry.

Consumer Bankruptcy Filings up Sharply

Thank you friends (and you know who you are)!

Word on the street is that registration for the Fall Soccer Programs in the north end of the Napa Valley (St Helena and Calistoga) is down over 40%.

We have also heard of many families leaving the Wine Country permanently once school is out over the next couple of weeks.

Changes are coming.

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